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My professional accomplishments include:

  • Leading a team through an award-winning redesign of B.A.S.S. Times. This publication was in need of bolder colors, stronger fonts and a more cohesive design. I managed the six-month redesign from initial proposal, beginning concepts, director approval, implementation and company-wide unveiling. The redesign won a Silver Award from the Florida Magazine Association in 2009.
Old design of BASS Times

Old design of BASS Times

New design of BASS Times

New design of BASS Times

  • Building a huge following of more than 60,000 fans on Facebook for B.A.S.S. and connecting with the fans, resulting in high click-throughs and thousands of likes and comments.
  • Creating a social media presence for Stetson University Executive MBA program. In concert with the program coordinator, I have built the blog from 0 to nearly 2,000 views in only 14 weeks, I have increased the program’s Facebook fan base by 10%, and I have grown the Twitter account to include more than 100 relevant followers.
  • Being selected as a judge in Folio’s national magazine awards in 2010.
  • Engaging the editorial department in social media, especially with the use of Twitter. Now, each editor has his own work-related Twitter and has gained a strong following. See for a good example.BASS Daily Planner
  • Managing the B.A.S.S. Daily Planner & Fishing Guide each year for theme, content and design. The product generates additional revenue for the company annually. I have been the project manager since 2007 and have worked on it under other management since 1999.
  • Winning ESPN’s Standing O Award, achieved only by the nomination of an ESPN executive. The honor recognizes leadership displayed by the candidate on special projects and in the day-to-day work environment.
  • Assisting in the award-winning production of the Bassmaster Classic from 1999 to 2002. The show required hundreds of hours of project management, negotiating with vendors for lights, cameras, lasers, setup and staging. The end result each year earned Allie Awards in Best Special Effects or Best Entertainment Production, and Gala Awards in Most Outstanding Spectacle or Best Event Entertainment Concept and Execution.
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