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MBA Stetson University, 2008

MBA course work Auburn University Montgomery, 2003-2004

BA English University of Alabama at Birmingham, 1999

I remember the feeling in fall 1996 when I realized I wanted to be an English major. I was already a sophomore at UAB, and I was wondering what was truly right for me. It came to me one day as I was registering for spring classes that English was my passion and what I wanted to study more than anything. I didn’t worry about what I would do with an English degree or how I would ever make a living. It was pure, unadulterated excitement over something I wanted to do because it felt right.

And it was perfect for me! I loved studying Shakespeare and reading modern British drama and fretting over the next big paper. It taught me to appreciate the contributions of others and to really long to know what was in someone’s brain.

I was lucky enough to find a great job at a small company called BASS. The company had posted a job opening for an English major to be the editorial assistant on Fishing Tackle Retailer Magazine. I was so great at proofreading and writing and organizing that the job seemed tailor-made for me.

Years later, I wanted to diversify my educational background, so I started searching for other options. When I realized an MBA was the perfect degree for me, I studied for and took the GMAT, received my acceptance to AUM and started class within a few short months.

And I loved it! Until several months later when I had to move.

But fortunately, I found a great school in my new backyard. Stetson University at Celebration is not only where I earned my MBA, but it’s also where I made friends I’ll keep for a lifetime.

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