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Project Management
I initiate new projects, conceptualize and plan them, and see them through to completion. I led the redesign of B.A.S.S. Times in 2009, which won a silver award from the Florida Magazine Association. In my current role, I organize the continuous flow of art and editorial projects, coordinate numerous projects and publications simultaneously, and handle the day-to-day operations of the magazine, all while setting priorities and managing my time wisely.

Writing and Editing
I have 12 years of writing, editing and editorial planning experience. Working at a publishing company for so long has given me the opportunity to write hundreds of stories, from sidebars and small industry news items to full features. My editing skills have also matured, from concept creation to assignment to editing of the submission. My work has appeared in six publications, on the B.A.S.S. website and in countless marketing materials. The community writing class I founded has been featured in a local newspaper and magazine.

Social Media
Both personally and professionally, I have established an online presence. I have led initiatives at B.A.S.S. to use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and I have encouraged the use of cross-media from online to print and vice versa. B.A.S.S.’s fan base on Facebook has nearly tripled in the seven months since I became an administrator. I have helped cultivate a highly engaged audience of avid anglers. In addition, I have grown Stetson University Executive MBA program’s blog from 0 to nearly 2,000 views in only 14 weeks.

Relationship Building
I have built and maintained relationships with freelance writers, industry insiders and marketing and PR representatives that have lasted for years. I have also developed a rapport with colleagues throughout the company, so that many departments seek my counsel or direction on various projects.

Data Analysis
Mining data to find patterns and inconsistencies is something I developed an ability to do while in my MBA program. I work very well in Excel and Excel PivotTables, and I have the ability to communicate to others — via charts or through the written word — what the numbers and patterns of a given project represent.

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